City breaks for Christmas

There are a lot of breaks on the Internet on the eve of the most beloved and good holiday of the year - Christmas. Internet is full of ads and, and sometimes, it's difficult to choose exactly what we want from Christmas this time. For variety, you can choose any European capital and go there to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Diversify your usual Christmas holiday in a castle - hotel by vivid adventures on the bustling streets of one of the capitals of Europe. Treat yourself by visiting the Christmas fairs; enjoy a Christmas wine that you can find at every corner. Perhaps, the most beautiful Christmas fairs are in Germany. Across the country there are hundreds of them. You could even say that it is their pride and one of the main attractions. Fairs abound in traditional delicious pastries and fragrant German cuisine. Mulled wine or Glühwein - is a mandatory symbol of the Christmas fairs in Germany, and every German will be glad you treat them this wonderful drink. Christmas bazaars can be found in other European countries. For example, in Finland, Austria and Sweden, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Great festive atmosphere gives a feeling of a fairy tale. A great pleasure from walking on the bazaars give such huge beautiful Christmas trees, beautifully decorated with garlands capital's central square. The celebration and joy prevails everywhere! We should pay separate grand attention for the holiday shopping. The enticing discounts attract a huge number of customers at Christmas. And sometimes it's hard to control oneself in this bustle. No doubt, each of us is so nice to get gifts and to give them too to our close people. Holiday Shopping on Christmas Eve is a great pleasure! Quiet and cozy castle - hotel - it is very romantic, but merriment has not been canceled! Bustling walks through the Christmas fairs, holiday shopping are so very typical for Christmas. Choose the Christmas fairs and a wonderful holiday is guaranteed for you!

What to expect from a Christmas hotel break

Many hotels around the world preparing special offers for its guests to the New Year and Christmas. Hotels do the best to surprise and entertain its guests by saturated program that each of the guests were satisfied and would like to come back again. People at all times have always tried to keep their national traditions, because adherence to tradition - a symbol of the identity of each person. Despite the different variants of celebrating the Christmas, the main attributes of Christmas are always actual. We all know these main characters: Christmas tree, colorful garlands, lights and fireworks. In European countries, as well as the Christmas tree, a traditional event is a festive meal with wine. All hotels are preparing a special Christmas dinner and warming wine for guests. In the literal translation mulled means "hot wine" and it is prepared by a special recipe for New Year and Christmas. It is low-alcohol wine and the alcohol concentration in it a little, otherwise it will be interrupted unique aroma of spices, which are composed of mulled wine. It can rightly be considered as one of the most original and enchanting beverages. Other than the festive dinner and mulled wine, hotels can also offer you holiday shopping tours. The guests with children are often invited to the enchanting magic show featuring magicians and wizards. The sightseeing tours of the city or visiting all kinds of aqua parks, amusement parks or skating at the ice rink are the same part of the hotel's offers. Great Christmas festive fairs are also open for your visit. All these hotel deals are able to turn Christmas into a truly unforgettable holiday, helping touch with old Christmas traditions that exist in the beautiful Europe.

5 Ways to Have your Christmas Differently

Of course, the New Year is the most magical holiday. New Year brings us hope for the future. We hope that the coming New Year will be better than the previous one and that's why we try to spend it funny. Even though that the New Year is traditionally a family holiday, it's became more popular to choose unusual places to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Surely the celebration of the New Year in the desert, without a hint of snow and Christmas trees will impress you and leave pleasant memories for a long memory. There are special offers- tours of the mysterious Morocco. Sahara desert, camels, sand dunes and caravans - what could be more original? After passing the necessary instructions, and learn how to ride a camel you can safely go on a fascinating journey through the sandy dunes. This is a very interesting and unusual variant of the New Year. But if hot Sahara is not for you, you can go to a real castle of ice. More precisely hotel made of ice. Do not expect that you will enjoy a warm hotel room. The temperature in these hotels is less than -2 degrees, but this is compensated by special sleeping bags and real animal skins. Almost the whole interior of the hotel is made of pressed ice. This fantastic world reminds us the scenes from the book of the Snow Queen. Despite the fact that there are already several dozen of such ice hotels across Europe, the most popular hotel is "Arctic Hall" in Sweden. If you do not have enough time to prepare for the New Year, you definitely need to go to China. If the majority of countries around the world celebrate the New Year on December 31, China began celebrating the New Year on February 14 and it takes about 15 days of celebration. Streets are full of colorful demonstrations and millions of red lanterns adorn the streets. In general, red for the Chinese is a special color and it is important symbol of New Year celebrations in China. There are so many variants for the unusual celebration of the New Year. Our world is so diverse and beautiful and sometimes it's seems impossible to grasp it and fully know. Choose what you like and strive for your dreams. Turn your New Year in the most wonderful fairy tale of your life.

Most exciting places to meet New Year

New year celebrating the - one of the most awaited event of the year. The New Year – as a symbol of a certain boundary between temporary results - what has been done over the past year and what needs to be done for the future. Perhaps, that is why the New Year is celebrated so especially magnificently, festive and grand. Fireworks to celebrate the New Year amaze and give incredible emotions. The largest capitals of the world satisfied with this grand parade of salutes and fireworks, as competing in the scale and scope of New Year's fireworks. Let's find out what are the capitals of the world arrange most magnificent celebration in honor of the Year. So, one of the most fantastic light show you can see in Sydney, Australia. The authorities of the city do best to make a celebaration with a grand scale. That's why the people from the whole world come to Sydney to enjoy the fantastic show. Sydney Harbour is one of the main symbol of the city which attracts thousands of people. You can see here the most beautiful fireworks and circus show with aerial acrobatics. Sydney Harbour Bridge is the destination that you should visit at least once in your life. In another world capital – Paris, you can see no less spectacular show. Every year there is a fantastic show of lights and salutes on the Champs Elysees near the main symbol of France's Eiffel Tower. Thousands of colored lights make night like a day. Many thousands of cafes, nightclubs and restaurants in Paris are opened for you this night to celebrate the New Year. You should just find the ideal celebration for you. Not inferior in scale and beauty of salutes the city of Rio de Janeiro! For many people Rio de Janeiro is associated with costumed dances and carnival. New Year celebration is the second largest annual party after Carnival. In the view of many people the New Year is decorated with snowflakes and Christmas tree, but the New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro is a party at the most famous Copacabana beach in a bikini and dancing until the morning. Summer, beach and the loudest music - it's a New Year in Rio de Janeiro! As you know the city of lights is called the city of Las Vegas. We can say that the New Year is celebrated there all year round. Millions of lights and light show will not let you get bored and will give a sense of big party. All casinos organize lash t fireworks and salutes. Every club, bar and casino, of course, has a rich program to celebrate the main night of the year. The world celebrities come to Las Vegas to make shows. You will not be bored even for a minute. For the full imagination you can add the city of Tokyo, Japan. Japan is a country that is famous for its technical developments, but the same time people are very respectful of old traditions and culture. New Year celebration can last near a week. In addition to the beautiful lightshow you can enjoy traditional eating of Toshikoshi Soba -New Year's Eve noodle. And also watch the opening ceremony of the gates of the Imperial Palace which opened just two days of the year on January 1st to the public. New Year is a magical holiday. And probably the most awaited for all of us. The world is very diverse and surprising. Try to make your New Year very interesting and unusual, because it is all depends on you.