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Waterford Castle Hotel - General Information

Situated on its own private island, Waterford Castle Hotel is one of the most isolated, beautiful and luxurious hotels and golf resorts in the world.

Accommodation consists of the 19 elegant bedrooms (each decorated and furnished in a unique style), five suites (living room, grand bedroom and bespoke bathrooms) and a set of self-catering accommodation.

Maurice FitzGerald, cousin of Strongbow, the English Earl of Pembroke, landed in Waterford during the Norman invasion of Ireland 1160, was captured, held prisoner on the island and later rescued by his son-in-law. The island became home to Fitzgeralds with the building of a Norman Keep.

Waterford Castle in its current form has been built between 1849 and 1895. The castle was sold and converted into a hotel and a country club in 1987. The famous 18-hole championship golf course was designed by Des Smyth and opened in 1992.

For more than a decade, Waterford Castle Hotel has been setting an example for the perfect blend of sophisticated living and the ultimate in leisure.

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Waterford Castle Hotel - Contact Information

Official website: Waterford Castle Hotel
Address: The Island, Waterford, Ireland
Phone: +353 51 878 203
Fax: +353 51 879 316
Email: info@waterfordcastle.com